Beagle in the City #196

Dear doggie journal. Today, was the strangest day. Mom and dad went shopping. At first I thought I would get to go. But like usual, I was wrong.

So I sat in my window.

Later they brought back a whole TREE.

I tried to tell dad. I kept saying. Ahh you’re gonna get iiiiit. We can’t bring sticks inside.

But nothing happened.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

They’ve brought the outside to the indoors.

I was afraid they were going crazy. So I did a test.

First I checked the tree for squirrels.

Then, I ripped up the trash in the bathroom. If I didn’t get in trouble I knew something would be up.

Well. I got in trouble. Now I’m under the table.

I guess I can’t have sticks inside. But they can have a whole tree.

At first I was mad. But then dad told me that it was MY tree.

I mean, that’s a pretty good present dad. All I got you was a slightly used chew toy.

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