Beagle in the City #222

Ethan: Hold on guys let me get an umbrella out of the car. It’s pouring down rain, I know how much you hate to go in the rain.

Ethan: Simon, wait, get out of the car. We’re not going anywhere. I just had to get the umbrella.

Simon: No, no, and nope. It’s raining out there. I’m fine right here.

Ethan: I have to take Garf out.

Garf: Hey, what are you doing in the car? Are we going for a ride?

Ethan: No. we are not going for a ride. We are going to the bathroom.

Garf: Oh good, because I get the worst gas when I go on car rides.

Ethan: Just go to the bathroom.

Simon: You guys go ahead, I’ll just sit right here. I’m fine.

Ethan: Simon! Get out of the car. Come on.

(Simon jumps to the back. Then to the front. Ethan opens the drivers door. Simon jumps to the passenger seat. And so it goes)

Ethan: I’m going to leave you here. I have to bring Garf in. So don’t pitch a fit and cry when I leave.

Simon: I’m good.

Ethan: Fine. But this was your choice.

Garf: It’s ok, I know the way I can take myself. It’s through the big door. And then you’re home.

Ethan: which door?

Garf: The door. It’s just the one door.

Ethan: Every door doesn’t bring you home buddy.

Garf: What…

Ethan: Ok Simon, you win, you want to go with me to get gas?

Simon: Ok lets do this. Floor it dad.

3 thoughts on “Beagle in the City #222

  1. This is hilarious- this could be a cartoon! We need a sketch artist- wait… I’M a sketch artist!! . . I’ll get back to you… where are my pencils….

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