Beagle in the City #223

Ethan: I’m telling you I think it’s the other one.

Garf: Nah come on man. I don’t think he’s got the talent. He’s out of here.

Simon: What are we doing guys?

Garf: Quiet I’m watching my shows!

Simon: bark bark bark. It’s a monster!! Quick ! Get under the table! Save yourselves!

Ethan: quiet. Other people live here man.

Simon: Gee dad, see if I ever protect you again. You don’t know what’s out there…I’ve been watching some dogumentaries and they are very convincing…

Ethan: for the last time…everything we watch on tv isn’t true man. It’s just pretend. It’s just shows.

Simon: Ok well then… how do we explain Garf. What is he then?

Ethan : ….

Simon: ….

Ethan: Well Garf, he’s just a hellbeast.

Garf: That’s right, and you better watch your back. Especially at night.

Simon: Is that true dad?

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