Beagle in the City #228

Simon: Hey dad. That sure looks good. Is it snack time?

Ethan: Go away, you can’t have cereal.

Simon: But we always share sandwiches.

Ethan: That’s different.

Simon: You have to share dad, because you have to love me, it’s the law!

Ethan: What the crap? Where did you get that? I might have to take care of you. But it’s not the law that I have to love you.

Simon: Yes it is! Because of the day we first met and we became best buds.

Ethan: You are still not getting cereal. But I will make you a sandwich…

Ethan: Hey, have you ever seen The Natural? It’s a baseball movie.

Simon: I love baseball!

Garf: You two would never make it in the streets.

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