Beagle in the City #231

Ethan: ok boys let’s take some pictures. Simon I got you a present. It’s a NEW-

Simon: Bone! Antler! Wait wait ! Chew toy! Brother!

Ethan: Christmas sweater!

Simon: Really!! Yes!

Ethan: Garf, you have to stay still. Still. Be still.

Garf: Hey Lady!

Ethan: This isn’t working.

Simon: Like this Garf. As still as a statue…

Simon: This is why I get the good stuff, like sausage biscuits and peanut butter and jellies…

Lindz: You’re not supposed to be getting any of those things…

Simon: I mean dried kibbles and waters…

Ethan: Good save bud.

Simon: Have a swingin’ Chrissmas…

Ethan: Not yet buddy,

Simon: Oh ok. Have a swingin’ Thursday!

Ethan: It’s Monday but better.

Simon: What’s a Monday.

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