Beagle in the City #233

Ethan: Garf! Did you poop in the floor?

Garf: I don’t know.

Ethan: I JUST took you outside!

Garf: But I just ate.

Ethan: Why didn’t you go outside?

Garf: it was raining outside…

Ethan: Lindz is going to stomp you.

Garf: That’s a fun game we play, but we both know, I’m old and fragile and have grinch paws. You’re not going to throw me out. But you also have another much younger stronger dog that probably pooped that and can handle the beatings.

Simon: Wait a minute!

Ethan: Simon didn’t do that. Go lay down. Gosh you’re so GROSS.

Garf: I didn’t do anything wrong.

Ethan: I’m getting Lindz…

Garf: Hey, LADY! I’m laying down. Jeez.

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