Bleeding Ink 1,235

I could never write you out

This town has a way

Of staying around

If you’re good to people

I don’t know that they’ll always

be good to you

But if you’re good to people

They’ll remember you-

At least that’s what they say…

Some of those faces get out and move away

Others just fade away

Everyone has the best excuse –

We all have things we hide away

It washes into the emergency rooms

The shelters too

They clean up our mistakes

Pretend on Sunday

We’re all doing ok …

I’ve seen us come and go

I’ve watched us all growing old

We grew up fast

There’s not as many of us here today

I hope you’re doing okay

I could never write you out

Those crystal diamond eyes

Have a way of staying

When everything else fades

And we’re all tangled up in gray

Look at all the promises we broke

Look at all that we tried

How far have we really come

Is this what we saw

When we were young…

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