Dust on Dust

(Bleeding ink )

Dust on dust

Summer starts in June and ends in Jan…

The longer you sit

and hope for a breeze

The more cigarettes you smoke

dehydrate a little more

Everyone loses their voice

eyes dry out

Doesn’t matter anyway

It was a dry county just yesterday

Popping allergy pills

And opioids

Just to get them to the well

The ditches along the railroad dyed from the mills

Now they’re long gone

The trains are stalled

Only the sign is left inside the bar

Where we all gather and talk about how it used to be

Some turned into apartments

Where my dog sits in the window

Looking out for me

It’s difficult for a stranger to remember

But these ghosts

Are all over this place

It took everything from our parents

And they say it will never be the same

They say there used to be standing ground

For 75k people

To play the music

But all of that left some time ago



It feels just like

All of our youth


Spent living

All of our


Spent dying

What’s left

To dream with?

Or are we


To spend the next

Best years


For these answers why…

Don’t let them

Slip you by …

it feels like we all know someone

Who knows someone

Who has a story to tell

About the days gone by

Like a nervous system

Underneath the surface of these streets

We all have something we can finally talk about

But don’t let it get you down


She plans on gettin out

She’s counting the days of the year

Until it gets her right

You can’t sit down and cry about it

You keep moving forward

A little at a time

Working on the change

Staying off the chain gang

That’s how you turn it all around


These are our towns

These are hard times but at least they’re our times


-ethan S bethune

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