Reality (Bleeding Ink)

They say you’ve got the future in a bowl…

A wicked glass

The potion is thick

The hangover will never last

They put you down

I Still don’t know

What am I-We?

Waiting for…(looking for)

A body

A heart like our own

Sky full of diamonds

Are we fading?

As we go through this life

How did you measure up,

To yourself?

My child,

Your days fly by

A thousand at a time

But these are your days (change in the pocket of time)

And you can change

We can change our minds

Throw it all in the waste basket

Throw it to the sky

You can be the rebel you wanted to be

You’re in the land of the living

Wake up
you can make it (if you can take it)

You can go it on your own

We all get the same hand of cards

We only get a life

How did you play it?

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