Beagle in the City #251

Simon: Ow! Something bit me!

Ethan: what was it? A snake? A scorpion?

Simon: I’m going to pass out, yep I’m going to be sick, (woozes back and forth)

Simon: I’ll be ok, when my leg falls off, just bury it beside Garf. I can make it on three legs.

Ethan: Let’s go to the Doctor


Simon: I don’t know what you’re talking about,

Ethan: It was a bee sting,

Simon: I almost died.

Ethan: You’re not even allergic!

Simon: Well, I didn’t know that. I could have been allergic, I’ve never been stung before.

Ethan: 80 dollars to find out all you needed was a Benadryl.

Simon: DRILL? Seems a bit drastic…

Ethan: No, never mind.

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