When we’re the broken

standing next to the lonely

Are we any better

Than what we came here

To forget ?


I’m just out here

Looking for a shelter

She reminds me

Shelter is also a human touch


Are we getting better ?

Has anything really changed?

Children of poor fathers and broken mothers

Repeating the same routines –

She said she loved a girl –

What is Love anyhow-

She said

Don’t tell me you’ll stay forever

Just tell me when you’re ready to leave

Have we come here to make these things better, how can we come together…


Walk with me

Just a mile


Is my flesh so weak

Am I really so broken down

Can I – I would that I could

The storm keeps on blowing

The waters keep on rising

It’s not the swimming

It’s not the drowning

It’s only the breathing


She pulls me back together

She settles me down

Red hair

Her lips

Her kiss

And she settles all my broken bones


I don’t have to walk these roads


Are we getting better?

Or are we just the same …

You know, I can’t remember what I came here to forget…