The lights in this town

Keep fading, flickering


All my dreams

Are buckets of rain

And the neighbours


Kicking and screaming

Forget about the mind numbing

Games that we play

Just to convince ourselves to stay

The sidewalks made of clay

But our hearts are made of Stone

Forget about it

Are we ever changing

Oh are we really changing

Or are we just wore out?

All these new kids in town

Fresh faced

Walking in like they’re Old Gangster

I’m about ready to

She’s about ready to wear it out

The coffee makes you anxious

And the paper mill shut down

And we all know

That we are raging

Our eyes are aging

Here is the change

All of these days

All of these days

All of these days

If I gave them back to you

What would you

Who would you give them to …

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