Ghost (2019)

All of these shadows

Filling this empty room

All of this dead energy

Oh darling

Like dust on the furniture

In your mind

And tonight

It’s the last full moon

This decade

Free you’re free

You’re a free girl now

All of this weight

We tried to work it out

Isn’t it time

You begin again


Forgive yourself

Start gently

You don’t have to fill the page

The universe is beginning

Born again

And your soul

The embers are waking up

I can feel it in your skin

I saw it in your eyes

As you were walking away

Speaking in tongues

With the moon tonight

Forgive yourself

Begin again….

We’re all new here

But we need fresh fire

Living water

The universe is constantly expanding and growing

And so our souls go….

begin again

All the dust in this room

All the cost

Of the ghost in these chairs

Let it air…

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