Stories we tell

Come on

Youthful morning let your light

Come in

You know the rain keeps washing this

All down

It’s in the rivers-it’s in the roads


Tell me

What happened here

The crash

Of two hearts

They won’t survive the life


You have a beautiful soul, a beautiful mind…but you’re so cruel…

She said…


I keep watching this storm move over

I can feel it in the air

I reach out for you

But I know you-

Haven’t been there in a while


Maybe I’m just my father

Maybe it’s just a forgotten conversation

I put away…

Walking beside the train tonight

I remember the rain

I remember …

That night…


There’s nothing they can take from us
That we didn’t take ourselves


Everyone I used to know…

Nothing is permanent

We are constantly leaving….

Convinced we have more time

And we never talked about it

And we never prepared


I reach out for you

But I know you-

I know—

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