The Winter

The good the bad and the in-between. We can’t be up all the time and we won’t be down either.

I wonder, how many years I’ve lived with myself and if I ever let myself see myself.

I wonder how we slave away and put health on the side, when without health, nothing else is ever attainable sustainable.

How many people have I known, who are here Monday and gone Thursday…and we never prepare…

We are so bold and so demanding of our time and place in the universe…that we are taking up space rather than sharing space…

I just want to sleep and I just want to live like fluid

Observing and knowing

And I want to leave you better than I met you…

So many of us put away our core

In the attic with our dreams

And our peace

And we pretend and live quiet lives of discontent

And we hope one day

Some day

We will forget

What it was like to share space

With someone

Who burns at the same temp as you

And what it was like to be at peace

Know you were understood even when you said nothing…

I know I can’t change the world

I know

I just want to be able to live in it.

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