Bleeding Ink #1,380

Life is change



Do not hold yourself

Down to a fresh start

Or a clean slate

You carry experiences with you

Love, with you

Wherever you go

Life changes so fast

It’s like lightning over water

It will leave you breathless

Stay true to you

How easy it would be for me

To crucify myself

Maybe I could have been different

Maybe I could have changed

Maybe –

Is lost in the past

Keep looking forward


Not everyone adapts

Not everyone makes it this far

We are constantly dissolving

Be gentle with yourself

Continue moving forward


Life is change

Life is living



I found a box of letters today…

I will carry parts of you with me

Wherever I go

I will continue ….

Like the tide

I will continue

Nothing lasts

We are not permanent

We are here for a moment

Only just begun

Be gentle

Leave people better than you found them…