2020 #5

Is there a word

For the space between the pause

Where we stopped

And where we begin – again


I want a word for the empty chairs

Where I first saw her



I want a word for all of those moments


Spread out like a canvas

Over this pause

It’s not just currency

It’s spaces between space

These small moments

Like atoms

In the margins

They make up our lives

Photo origin Ethan Bethune

I want a word

For all of these empty spaces

Ethan Bethune
Ethan Bethune
Ethan Bethune

I keep looking

Hoping I’ll find us there….

Where we once met

Now silence incomplete

Like the pause in a storm

All I see are these memories

Pulled out from the inside of time

Keep yours

Keep mine


Can you hear sunlight

When it touches water?

Can you hear the keys of the piano

Before the music has been written?


I can hear us in the morning

Breathing with the sunrise

Coming back to ourselves


I want a word

That hasn’t been written yet

But I feel it in you…

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