2020 #6

You can’t postpone everything …

Ethan Bethune

We live inside of moments, memories. We hit replay over and over again. We live to do the self work. The turning over. The science of learning to live and love ourselves. We are children in a playground. Unable to read the warning signs. Because we are pretending to read the alphabet.

Surgeons…who laid and paid someone else to write our papers.

Time is running out…

We begin to die the second we are born.

We will never be this young again.

Ethan Bethune

I saw the sunrise this morning

Ethan Bethune

When I got home tonight

A deer was in my driveway

Rabbits are always at my porch

Hawks are flying outside my window

Snakes are sunning in my driveway

I’m reminded

That we get caught up trying to figure this out …

And missing the big picture

Just be present

I’m not going to be here forever

Hearts have been broken before

Psalms have been written before

Bitches have existed before

Work has always been here

Everyone dies

Someone dug Kennedy’s grave

For 3.01 cent an hour on a Sunday

They said it was an honor .

Today I’m sure there would be a social media storm about it…

What I’m saying,

We all have this in common. But we all have hearts.

You can’t postpone everything…

You don’t have time

Live your life

Do the work

Get over it

Move on

Be here now

See this earth

This morning is new

This thunderstorm

This sunset

Let yourself

End and begin again

Let yourself

Be here now.

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