2020 #7


Where to begin

Without looking back?

We’ve all been here before

We just have forgotten

I grow tired

Tired of self help

Tired of whining

Tired of hate. I hear a young college girl complain while taking another selfie, about an article she saw the headline of , and it just is the reason she can’t live here anymore. The headline of the article never read ruins her entire day.

A black man, got up on a Sunday and ate breakfast with his wife, then went to work, getting paid, $3.01 an hr no overtime, to dig the grave of JFK…it was an honor, he said.

Bobby Kennedy

I’m tired of social media

We’ve lost touch

I hope we change

I hope as a collective we remember, community. We rely on each other.

The Kennedy’s were assassinated

Martin Luther King Jr was Assassinated

Malcolm X assassinated

Jackie stood, covered in her husbands blood, refusing to cry, refusing to look away from her husbands face…

This is what the Doctor remembers…

We cry about hating this country

We cry about not getting the love we deserve…

If any family had a reason to hate this country, it was the Kennedy family… assassinated by the people they served…

Or maybe Jesus

Or maybe Martin Luther

Look through history…

You can’t postpone your growth

At some point

You have to get up

And take those chances

Facing yourself

And the risk

We win some

We lose some

It’s always been bad

It’s always been good

You can get stuck in these cycles

But at some point

You have to understand

The greatest seat

Is the citizen

The greatest power

Is love

Getting up every day

The honor to live and love

And be better than you were yesterday …

This is life…

We will step out of this


Having faced ourselves

And having won.

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