A Black Hole of Chaos

If I were trying to live like Hank Moody

From Californication, I may have atleast got the ride down…

This morning around 3am

You know, the hours that only the Flu

Your newborn


That much younger version of you still believes in…

I was getting ready for work

My night blindness is apparently real before coffee, I pulled out of my parking spot to a (((crunch ))) potato chips would envy…

I got out to find that I had ran all over my other car, turning too sharply…

Now I have a locomotive over zealous sized dent in the car I inherently hate…

Maybe the thing we hate knows this…

Maybe we do project pain into areas

Or people …

Maybe Moby Dick was really about ego

Or maybe it was about a fish

Maybe Hank Moody creates his own swirling black hole of chaos

Maybe it’s the murder hornets,

I just want to insert here

These hornets have been in Alabama for decades, maybe the news just didn’t notice or didn’t care…

I knew them

Because of the sound of their engines while flying

And the rapid firing of their guns…

If they hit you, you would be down for a couple of days with a pain that made you hope you would just lose the limb…

Why were they hunting me? Circling the house, waiting for me to come outside?

Beats me, I guess they didn’t like getting covered in shaving cream or white rain hairspray…note…hornets, unlike other insects have the amazing ability to get so pissed off, like a red headed ex…

They just burn through the hairspray…and then they’re looking at you kid.

I’m going to have to figure out how to pop the dent out of a door now…

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