So, things are opening up. Here’s what to do.

Disclaimer; I have no cred. I am not a professional. I am a writer. I have spent 20 years in grocery. You obviously can do what you want.

As things are opening up and restrictions are loosening. You may feel some form of emotions and a certain way.

Here’s my advice and just that, advice, mostly, so I have something to write today.

Don’t go to the beach.

Everything has to slowly open, it’s a process, but this also means things can still be restricted again and again.

While people are going other places and restaurants, this is the perfect time for YOU to go to the store and get some supplies (not panicking) but items that may have been out before. Grab a couple of extra bags of rice and beans and dehydrated potatoes.

Items you may just enjoy or crave for every meal. Olives, olive oil, canned tomatoes. A lot of these come from other countries…and right now it’s not a guaranteed supply. Especially for the fall. If those countries stay closed.

If you’ve made a garden, go ahead and get a few jars for canning.

If things go wrong and everything gets shut down again, you will already have your supplies. Yes, grocery stores will still be open, but if everyone panics again, that’s when supplies is hard to get.

If you get a little a bag of rice or what not every time you go to the store , you will have what you need if it gets bad in the fall.

If you have a little extra because you’ve not been spending? Invest it..

When the market is down, this is the time to invest. When things are bad…it can only go up.

If you’re having a hard time, emotionally. Just know, it gets better. We will be ok. What we are learning, Is community. A responsibility to eachother.

Everything is temporary, everything passes. When I went to the house and found my father had passed. When the storms devastated my home town…

When I was in the hospital several times …

It all passes. Keep your head. Keep your focus. Be wise. Be calm.

We will be ok.

I’ll be seeing you.

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