2020 #8

Photo origin Ethan Bethune

Maybe we didn’t realize what we had.

We sat at the bar every weekend talking about the virus. It was this fog in the distance. Like a whale under water, all you could see was the blurred image.

D, would come in with her pro roe shirts and explain her newest tattoo, there across her ribs.

We became this community,

A, bought me a drink and would explain how she backpacked Europe in the ‘70s

Sure, age was just a number, but it was also a feeling she said. You’re as old as you feel, she looked over at a girl dancing;

Once you get a certain age or feeling, you’re invisible and that is so much worse than dying. Enjoy it, you only live once. she said.

We were all there.

Maybe we didn’t know what we had.

We worked all week.

We were relaxing.

And now we are different. We’ve grown, we’re older, softer, stronger, We’ve never been here before…

And I wonder what stories we will tell…

When we are all together again.

If we would be so present

We could all hear the others heartbeat.

This is us.

In these very small, extraordinary moments….

They flash by us

Becoming a year

A wrinkle on our skin

A grey hair

Part of us

Leaving it’s mark…

This is our lives.

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