2020 #12

I dreamed I was smoking with James Baldwin and Barack Obama…

I was reading the presidents summer reading list…

I was talking about how this year had been

I grew up, I came home to myself during those years…I changed my mind on things.

I understand, that empathy is important. Peoples stories are important…


Really listen

And know

That no amount of passion and empathy will replace their experience…

Just listen.

Check in on your friends who are POC. We just read the headlines but they are living them…

And then something else happened…

James lit a cigarette

Cocked his head back

And said

“You have to find the tools within yourself, to live these times. To manage these times. No one else is going to do it for you. Your mental health. Your duty as a writer as a man. Forget color, position, politics and religion. Your duty as a man. As a human. Is to find the tools inside yourself, to manage whatever you’re living through.


What about the peace it took?

What about the self respect

The sleep

The identity

The hope

The ambition?

Take it back.

It’s just 12 months on a calendar.

Don’t let it define your life.”

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