2020 #15

I know it’s been one of those days

One of those years

You’re so far from yourself

You’re so far from where you thought you’d be

I’m going to take too too long to say good bye

But that’s something wrapped up in me

When you’ve lost

You know ….

These things

They may never change


Drink the wine that you’re allowed

we are here

Right now


Taste your lips

I wish you could see you

Ask yourself

Where you’ve been all your life


I will love you

Like I’m leaving

Like this is all we have

Like we’ve never met

Like I’ll never taste your lips again

Remove the year

Layer by layer

It’s just me and you here

Everything else

Leave it where it lays

Let yourself be you


What do you crave

What do you want

I don’t want to be forgot

I crave you

Right here

Right now


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