I will soon be 31

I’m not 24


I’m not what once was

But neither are you


I’m waking up to a new way

Same face

New day


These days drag on

It’s just the way we move

In the night

Body to body

Hearts orbiting the sun

The heat in the night

The salt on your skin

Your lips

Hand on my heart


These days

They’ll cut you dry

Like stalks in October

They’ll leave you there

You miss the crowds


I hope that you fight the madness

Inside your head

I hope you live


They say this is the new normal

new world order

I’m here to say

I will thrive

No matter how history decides to record this

With every broken bone

With every flare up

Every sleepless night

I’m not waiting for permission

We have to live

Reach over that wall

Face your cravings

What do you want?


Stop waiting

You have to live


I asked myself a long time ago

How I would manage these days

You have to come home to yourself

I’ll soon be 31

I’m tired

But I’m going to keep walking

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