2020 #23

Every work place

Has that one person that is negative

But not really contributing

You quickly learn to ignore them

And continue YOUR path


Life is the same,

It’s easy to criticise and throw stones

Tell other people how they should be responding or helping…

But that’s not real activism

I encourage you to look at yourself

To keep the faith

To get in your communities

Listen to stories


Local elections make and break you directly


We have hope

There’s a lot of voices right now

Listen to yours

Your gut

We are brothers and sisters






We are Americans

Us, right here, right now.

Not a building

A church pew

A monument

A name on a building

A flag

But us…

We are citizens and together we are this great country.

It’s what we DO that counts.

We can do better. We can be better.

I’ve heard voices referring to us as masses and generations…de humanizing us.

We are, you are, more than a statistic. A headline. You are valid, you matter.

I’ve heard people call for us to be invaded by some other hero.

No one is going to save us.

If we tear down everything and rebuild

If we rename everything

If we are invaded by another power

This is not the change we need

We would be let down.


Take pride

Look in the mirror

Our last family in the Whitehouse

Was the first black Americans to grace it.

Do you not think they thought about the history of that house?

We can do better…

We can not look for some hero to come and save us.

We are, truly, the change we seek.

We must face ourselves and grow.

Keep your hope.

Learn and grow.

This road is not over.

Keep going.

You’re worth it.

We are worth it

We are America.

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