2020 #24

The winds of change

Are blowing wild and free

There’s revolution in the streets tonight, babe.

You’ve been worried

You’ve been scared

You’ve been proud


Let your hair down,babe.

We don’t have to go out

We don’t have to run these roads

We can dance right here

We can make love right here


We’ve still got to live

To love

To laugh and cry

God, sometimes it feels like I’ve been run through

I feel like I’m a hundred years old

If we don’t learn how to live

Sometimes I feel like life is going to pass us by


These days

Will drag you down babe


Let your hair down

Slow it down

Slower than slow

We’re old enough now

We both know there’s no need to rush

This fire can burn this city down

It’ll last all night

We can dance

You can rest in my arms

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