2020 #25

He comes up at noon

Looking for truth

I washed my face

And said, hey kid, if you avoid conflict, you’ll start a war inside yourself.

-what am I supposed to do?

I just sat there with my coffee…

Be better than you were yesterday.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

– I don’t know what she needs…

I looked at the streets weathered blue underneath its yellow…thought about how we are all weathered anyway. Everyone has something.

Just listen to her. Listen to her. And believe what she says.

– Oh I can’t do that she has—

Listen, you talk to her. She’s your lover now. You get to deal with all of it.

She’ll get restless around midnight. Try to hide it. But like the stars, she can’t hide this.

Don’t try to change her. Just love her.

And let her go.

Because she’ll love you like a woman.

But she’ll leave you like a girl.

He sat there. I knew he wasn’t listening.

He was trying to box her in. Fix this. But he can’t fix this.

A car passed us. A father was yelling at his kids.

Listen, I said. Just love her. While you can, forget about experiences, worry about impressions. Let her know, you care. How does she feel when you’re not there?


Let her know you’re thinking of her.

So she feels you even when you’re not there. Impressions. Not experiences.

Just love her. ‘Cos you can’t change her. She’s like the sun. She’s been burning for a long, long, time.

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