Times are the times

The resilience ….

Not everything can be changed

But it can be endured


I hope you kick a hole in the sky

I hope you create your life

I hope you create your own light

I hope….


I had a dream once

I was having dinner with the devil…

He smiled

And he looked at me

And said

“We’re just the same…you’re just too sad to see it…but I’m in you…”

“All of these people, you try to give meaning to…they’ll leave you…because I can give them immediate gratification…all you have is expectations. People are selfish. You’re selfish. In your vanities. In the fact that you believe you’re alone. And that you’re somehow, different.”

I remember seeing the shoes of a politician walk across the platform.

The devil smiled… and said the real show was about to begin.


Your heart might be an empty street

One you don’t recognize

All the trees have died

All the houses are empty


It’s your resilience

It’s your hope

Keep moving

Keep walking

Even when you see the devil inside

Just keep going


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