2020 #40

There are no easy answers. But there is, answers. Everything must be faced.

We have to face ourselves

We have to face the difficult things

You can’t ignore things and hope it gets better.

There is a real truth in “what you allow is what will continue.”

And “what you allow is what you put up with you end up with.”

It sounds like being a jerk. But it’s really just saying, everything must be faced.

I can’t sleep

I drove out here to the airport

Looking at these mountains

And all of this

We are so young

And so old

Am I an old breed with a new deed?

Or am I just a fool?

Life is too too short

To not be faced

To not carpe diem

Live your life

Show up

Love deeply

Passionately or not at all

Let people say you made it

They’re not even sure how

But you made it


I read once, that professional bull riders arm, the one they hold on with, is stronger obviously, but it evolves over their careers to adapt to the impact. And the bone is thicker.

So hold on

It may not look like you’re changing or growing

Just hold on

Even if it’s just for eight seconds

You’ll be stronger

You’re growing

You’re changing

Eight seconds

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