Bleeding Ink 1,516

Why do we pretend so hard

That we’re doing fine

When we know

We’re just passing shadows in this house

The echoes in the night

Are just whispers of our pride

I left all my thoughts out on the lawn

And I pray

I pray

I can get some sleep

But my cuts run too deep

I guess my soul is bleeding out

Why do we pretend

When we both know

I tried

I lied

Like the flowers you let die

And you can’t even look at me

Tell me

How long does it take

For love to run out

Is it red hands

Is it pills

To put us to sleep

So we don’t have to see

That you don’t even touch me


Unless it’s to slam the door

I guess I

Can’t stand here anymore

We’re both too good at this fight

Or maybe we just ran out of time

Why do we do what we do

Like shadows passing in the night

And now I make dinner for one

I still hold my tongue

And I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep

I still hold my tongue

So hard that I wake up and my lips bleed


I can’t write this book anymore

It’s a knife in my gut

This year is too too damn old

Oh babe

You can’t start a fire

Crying over your past

We have to let these things go

We have to let these things go

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