Bleeding Ink 1,517

What’s in a name? Why are words important?

Look at us here in this time?

Why do I fight so hard for what I believe in?

Born a preemie. They did not think I was going to make it. I’ve been fighting just to be here. Ever since I was born.

I know life seems dark.
And confused right now.
But let me just say.
We can reach across these walls
We can look across our town
We can breathe
I can still see you
Oh I still see you
I think what it must be just to kiss you.
Just to pull you close and feel you breathe
What a revelation
Caught in the revolution
We didn’t think about anything else
But maybe two hearts are better than one
And we can still reach across these walls
We can try
And what a revelation
A heart can still break
And we can still be selfish
We can still be naive
We can still grow up
We have to keep the faith
We have to keep living
We’ve lived and died for degrees
War and peace
Isn’t it time
We picked ourselves ?
We give art
And passion
A chance?
I think my eyes would find you
Across any room
They say the days are dark
But they just haven’t reached across those walls

It’s time we know how it feels

Wrap your arms around me

You can rest in me tonight

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