2020 #41

Are there perfect tomorrows?

Life moves
And each of us are celestial beings
It may feel like you’re not making progress
Like this year is standing still
But look up
Even the stars are moving
you may not see it
Each light in the sky is in its own orbit
Doing its own thing
That’s a piece of you
A piece of me …
We are still growing
Still moving
It’s ok
I didn’t think I would ever read in front of people
I didn’t think I would ever be able to move out of my town
Or play music…
I did all of those things
I started spoken word
I taught myself guitar
I left a 6 year relationship
I moved far and away outside of my comfort zone
Am I good? At any of the above? Hell no. But I’m not shooting for perfection…I’m just trying to be good…right here…right now…
When you feel overwhelmed
Take a moment to breathe
Feel the earth under you
Look at the stars
And remember
You’re still moving
You’re making progress
You’re still you
Uniquely you
There’s only one
It’s going to get better
What else is there?

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