Don’t edit her

Don’t mark

Her body with red ink

Don’t tape her mouth shut

If she trusts you

Don’t edit her pages

And if she lets you in

Know this is an honor

It’s not a right

Love her slowly

Love her passionately

Love her Consistently

Take nothing for granted


Don’t edit yourself

Don’t restrict yourself

Move forward



This is how you grow

Like water over stone

Like trees reaching for water under the earth

It’s slow


Be gentle on yourself

Write your goals

And keep moving

This is how you arrive

By showing up

Every moment

Facing your life

Its love

Its pain

Its loss

Its wins

You’ll arrive
And you’ll be ok
You’ll be better
You’ll be stronger
You’ll be softer
Do not break you own wings
Trying to keep other people happy …
You were meant to fly.


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