Bleeding ink 1,603

All the lights burn down low

Candles in a beating storm

All the words you try to speak


All the world

This room

Filling with water

There is no room here

No air

All the light has left

There is no devil

Only you

There is no hell

Only here

There is no heaven

Just the fiction we convince ourselves

So we can die in some kind of comfort some kind of peace


There is a frustration

There is an aggravation

There is this migration

You cannot change someone

You cannot expect love

Where there was no love before

So why are you surprised

When there is no empathy


The world broke

Whatever light was left

Is now gone

Whatever was soft grass

Is now a bitter root

The light by the candle

Has finally left

Whatever was flaming youth

Is burned ash

I am done

I am broke

I am gone

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