I once kissed a girl and she asked me why I always said goodbye like I would never see her again…
“We will see each other Thursday she said…”
I didn’t have the heart to tell her about you…
How you were here Monday
And gone Thursday…
People will say it’s a lot
To love like that
Because it’s rare
That’s because they still have hope
They believe they still have time
But when you walk through the world
Understanding that you are already dead…you just haven’t arrived at your casket
You drink every moment
And taste it…
You don’t ask it to give
More than it can
You don’t rush things
You’re patient
If you’re in bed with a woman
That’s where you are
If you’re dancing
That’s where you are
I don’t rush things anymore
And I don’t chase them either
Live your life
This is all you can do
And try to make good art out of it
Make your art

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