Love her

Here’s how you love her

You don’t go to a bottle of wine

Just to get to the bottom

It will go to your head


Slow down

Take your time

Really be there

Really look at her

See her

Feel her

Her kiss

Her laugh

Her smile

She needs a safe space

A trusted place

To be herself in

Don’t edit her

Don’t judge her

And when she lets you in her bed

Be there

Really be there

With her

There’s no rush to this

It’s not a race

There will be nights

Like shots

Of liquor

And those have their place

But there are also nights

Filled with passions and thunderstorms

Where you outlast the rain

There is no rush

Slow it down

Slower than slow

Slower than what you think slow is


Until you memorize her breathing and her heart beating…

Her body rising

And settling

The way the light touches her

And you realize

It’s morning

Love her like this

And you won’t be able

To be anywhere else

But with her

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