Second Bite

Come in come on
Have we decided if we like ourselves better
Since we tore away at ourselves?
Call it self help
But Alexandria wrote a different
History while the moon was hid
And the blood ran gold
The flick of a finger
Magic potion
Can’t find the ceiling
Praying in tongues
But you can’t taste the honey
Go and burn your idle
Had a beer with the devil
You know he didn’t have much to say
the way we burn ourselves down today
The time traveler’s wife
She said she’s got all the cash
But no love
There’s 6 billion souls and she can’t buy one
The new Death and Father Time
They’re wearing out
With all of our words
Come on
Have you decided if you like yourself better now
It doesn’t matter who tells your story
How much of your life gets in the way
You’ve got to live
You only get one shot today
Whether you live or die
One is one and sleeps next to zero

The moon is gold in your eye
You’ve burned your second chance ….
You need a soul love to make it tonight ….
You can
Just don’t pretend
You can
Just don’t sleepwalk your life
Had a beer with the devil
He said life is short
The circus just came to town
Don’t let it take the moon from your sky
You’re still the apple of my eye

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