I went to the edge of the mountain

I moved out of this town

A tornado cut across the sky

The night I left


I worked out my Salvation

I did my time


And I’m just the one that broke a heart

I’ll take that bullet


I’ll carry that cross


But I’m no martyr


I’m a man

Can’t you see what I am ?

Is there respect



Be with someone

Who touches your body

Like it’s water

And they’ve been in the desert for months

Who loves you

You’ve got them on their knees

The only god they need


And there’s still time

To let go

Walk these roads

My church is the bluff

I drink my coffee and I pray

And she has legs for days

Her eyes white hot

Blue flame

Cut my name

The universe was born

On the corner of her lips

Her kiss

And A heart

Can only take so much

It’s too late to die young

If you have someone to love

Make sure they know

Curve for curve

Read them like Braille

You only live once

Make sure once is enough

So take your time

And taste the wine

If she’s in your arms

Don’t race for the finish line

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