Holy Vessels

The turning
Of the days
Maybe I am an enemy of this place
This room this heart this love
We took things so flippantly
Like it was not priceless
But a $5 dollar buffet
We recited self work
And self help
And demanded a receipt
Of you and yours
To protect ourselves
And we forgot somewhere
The divinity of this room
When she invites you in
Maybe for a time
For a moment in time
We will be fine
If we can get back
To the divinity
The soft heart
The shadows and the light
While she’s undressing
And the wine
And even if it’s just for tonight
This is a special place
And a timeless hour
And maybe
We stumble
Flesh and bone
We are not angelic
But we continue to try
Night after night
To hold eachother
To fight the dying of the light
To keep the memory
To drink the wine
And I will
Hold my heart
I will hold my voice
If you just ask
I live and die
In the space
Between the words
We say there are no more
Holy things
But we forget
The burning hearts
When eyes meet
When souls weep
When morning
Meets the earth
And the waters deep
Even in this night
Even in this light

-Ethan Bethune

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