Sacred things

You feel up ended


Clenching your jaw

Your fists

Certain that the all of things

Are ending


And what have we learned

What habits are tuning


Are we

Slowly becoming


I can’t ask for you to help me

And I won’t let you see me

And the world

We are certain

Is slowly burning


We sat by

While the planet suffered

And we said we had time

Now our attention

Is the product

They are selling

And we say we don’t suffer



Look how indifferent I am

And what agonies endure


Have I wasted your time?

Have I made sure


That you know

Just what you are?

And that you’re sacred?


Is there anything

More than this?

Being here

Just being here

Right now

With you

We look for the

Way out

The way through

All along

That alter

Has been

A private song

A souls light

Of just living

And living


With you


You are sacred

As you are

Your light

Still shines

Even when you’re silent

You’re beauty still shows

Even when you feel like less

There is beauty in storms

There is light in

In the most overcast days

All of the things I love

I am reminded of

In you

-Ethan Bethune

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