Blue County

On the south end of town
My parents they live
And a girl that I once knew, I thought well.
We all grew up
And we swore we would get out
Now we only live maybe an hour away…
And he said, standing there proud, that he wouldn’t have any reason to stay, now she’s pregnant again…and he’s working three jobs, but the plague struck down, his dreams in this town , all the start ups shut down and full time turned into half a day shifts on each side of town cooking chickens….

Now they complain
That we don’t have a reason
For the pain that we feel
And we work twice as hard
To build up a self esteem and an ego that Christ said to crucify ….
And you’re left alone
And the winter is strong
You barely have enough heat
You’ve turned to the kerosine
And we both know you’ve been drinking….

But what is left for tomorrow
Can you ever think straight ?
Can you pray to escape the habits that are your origin….

To hustle and cuss
To hide and to limp
To work and to die
To live and to lie
To doubt and to hide
Such great pain
But to sleep by the side
Of the bleeding saint

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