In my head

She said

It was a shame

We can’t change the news

My poetry is bad


I think we all are gonna die soon

We try so hard just to rep

What we can’t sell

We try so hard

And we

Can’t even live with ourselves

And I said


And she said

“I bet you could be the best I ever had

But I don’t even touch myself.”


All of my nightmares

They come true in neon

And I dreamed Toni Morrison made me a carrot cake

Told me I had to rep myself

If I don’t who will?

And maybe we try too hard

And maybe I work too much

And maybe I really am a loser

And maybe

Just maybe

All of our hearts broke

So long ago

On a dream

In a car

Chasing stars

Hoping for a life

And she said

I was so easy to tattoo

I never complain

And I said

It’s an art

And taking pain is easy

When you realize you’re already dead

But deep inside

If you knew

I feel like I deserve the pain

I keep seeing you get angry

I keep seeing you scream

I keep seeing you

I close my eyes

The heart can heal

But damn

I can’t change the news in my head….

It’s in my head….

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