The Groom is still waiting

I’ll tell it to you

The best I can

You may not believe

But it’s the best as I can see


Everything seemed to go from bad to worse

Atleast that’s the way it seemed

We kept fighting

That’s just the way we came up

It didn’t matter how things went down

No body from Washington

Ever followed us anyhow

And no one could sing the blues

Like the working man

The women

From my mountain town


They talked

In their high places

Of promises

Gold and silver too

And see

Them communist

And see them fascist

They’re all just left and right

Different fists

Of the same beasts

Coming out of the ocean


Nobody ever follows us down

There’s a woman

By the river

She washes her children’s clothes

And there’s a man hanging from the tree

And you can hear the hymn she sings

No one can sing these truths

Like the eyes of those who will remember you…


Well god is on our side

So long as everything stays right

And power and greed

And corruptible seed

And dylan played it well


And we will rise

And work today

No matter who fell

We will rise

And we will die

And we will grieve

No one follows us down

No one follows us down


I set my e yes s toward the burning sun

And pray to God above

No one

Knows these truths

Like the working man

The hungry man

The woman

The mother

The wife

And no one

Ever follows us down

We will remember you well

Casting hope

Like light

Upon the water


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