The importance of being

I woke up this morning

With a released breath

I didn’t realize I had been holding…

Holding for four years.

Waking up every morning afraid of what the headlines would say

What tweet is out ???

What world leader is laughing at us?


The changing of the guard is underway.

As a Democrat…who read Reagan and his letters and his journals and the same with the Kennedy’s and studied the Clinton’s…

We need a new change.

A real change, another hand up for the People. And real opportunity for everyone.

I am so proud to be an American,

This moment speaks to all of us, every one of us. Democracy works. We do not want to change these foundations.

The disenfranchised and minorities have been watching our leadership,

Our children our daughters…

They have watched as some of us have made excuses and stood by our guy, as the ship sinks in the water.

If anything, we’ve learned the importance of representation…

We’ve seen the hate and the weaknesses

The hypocrisy

The dark underbelly represented

But it does not speak for all of us…

They say we accept the love we think we deserve… this moment …

Every little girl, every wife, every one of us …who is in a situation where we feel like we are not represented…

Can now look at the White House…and they can see representation…

And know,

That they deserve more

They can achieve more…

They can dream …

Every one of us…


I’ve always listened to stories

And I’ve always prayed

And my faith

My conscience, my patriotism, does not allow me to continue to be silent.

I know the importance of voices and representation.

I believe we all can dream. We all can reach for a better opportunity. I believe in dignity. In decency, in leadership.

I believe in a better tomorrow…

For every one.

Not equal outcomes but equal opportunity.

In the stories that make us

The history that shaped us.

We rise and we fall together.


I am always overwhelmed by elections

I’ve seen the flags

The shirts

The hats

And I’ve heard the mental gymnastics

I’ve seen it

But what it speaks is the algorithm

The bubbles we are living in

We have to reach across that

We’ve lost touch with ourselves

And we have a president who stands for nothing but himself and is loyal to no one but demands loyalty…

He’s simply appealing because he appears flawed and human

He’s sinful

And we see ourselves in him

Or we see a father

Or husband that we never really worked through…

That narcissism…

One issue voting?

Pro life?

It’s not going away…

They won’t vote it out, not completely

It’s what keeps too many republicans republican…

I believe we have more in common than we have differences


Again, I’m proud

You should be proud

Be proud


It’s ok to be happy

This is historical

This is a win for every one of us

Regardless of political persuasion

Our future is brighter

We are still a shining city on a hill

And yes, yes we can build a better tomorrow for all of us.

We all have a moral duty

A personal responsibility to our communities and our nation

Our families

To be an example to our children.

To give back.

The eyes of the world are upon us.

And while some of us have been duped

Or played so hard a mental gymnastic

That we cannot back pedal

It’s ok

Because what we are building

Is better for all of us

Our small towns

Our cities

Our churches

Our city halls

Our hospitals

Our schools

Our work places

Our tomorrows

This. This is the America I believe in.

It never went away

It was here

In all of us

It just took us a minute to catch up.


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