I’ve got nothing on my mind

I can’t think straight

Too many of us

Wear the bruise

We don’t even check to see if we landed

On our feet

We just feel incomplete


At the back of all these roads

Where hardly anyone goes

Trump flags blow

Pale in the sunlight


All the color gone

Children hungry for bread

Hungry for soul

Hungry for art

What does a mind know

Just another

Esau and Jacob


Someone plays another shutdown song

About being alright

Dancing in the sunlight


I’ve got nothing on my mind

And I’m not alright

We keep losing

We keep choosing pain

And I keep drinking


We keep losing another name


I keep choosing.


Out here

On the back of the roads

Where you will never go

And someone probably gets mad

At a Hillbilly Elegy

Because their mom and dad paid their way…bailed them out everytime a storm blew their way

But have you ever lived on concrete

With termites eating your window seal?

Bats in the chimney

A bucket under the sink

the plumbing is incomplete

You don’t get to choose where you come in

You just get to start walking

I’m not angry

I’m just thinking out loud

It’s easy for me to understand

People want someone to blame

They want someone to hit the restart button

But even if they woke up with a million

They would blow it in a month

Half of it on something crazy like little Debbie cakes to freeze

Because they still don’t know

We still don’t know


I have nothing

On my mind

I could die alone tonight

I’d be fine

I’m fucking fine

Play your shutdown song

We are all alright

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