Clouded mind

Dear child

Don’t be

Consumed by fiction

Have we ever learned?

When will we reach over these walls

And grab hold of each other ?

Scale this pain,

“Hillary was a witch, the Antichrist.”

“Obama was not American and the Antichrist. And and and.”

If it’s not this

it’s something else

Look at us

What we swallow

What we sow

What we consume

Hillary was a woman

A human, flawed, yes…

Obama was a man, a black man…flawed, yes. But human.

Our record of self delusion and hypocrisy

Is terrifyingly sobering

But we can choose to change

I think about how many Americans have died…

I think about how many of us are sick

The hospitals are not allowing visitation again…

What will become of us?

What will history say of us?

That we bought the propaganda?

Or that we stood

And we faced ourselves

We said there is no room

For sexism

There is no room for racism

There is no place for hate

There is only room for growth

For all of us at the table

For all of us

The disenfranchised

The minority

The single parent

The middle class

Every one of us

Because we rise and we fall together

So child


It’s a job

Do not lose hope

The scientist

The journalist

The doctors

They are not spending decades

Trying to deceive you

Do not lose faith in your ability to make a difference in your community



Reach out

Make a difference

It only takes one…

How sad,

We were mad that she had to carry so much only after RBG passed away…before she died, we were saying things like “she better hang on. We need her.”

How sad that Obama has to get back in the fight.

But look, it only takes one

If you think you don’t make a difference

Look again.

You matter

You’re important

Reach across those walls

We are more than our differences

We rise and fall together.

And our future is waiting

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