Writers Log #30

I’m off grid

It’s the time of year when I unplug from social media

I’m trying to clear my head

And refocus

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I’ve not even been writing letters

I used to write a lot of letters

I feel scattered I guess

The need for solitude

And quiet

I need to reconnect with myself

Maybe that’s vain

But I feel like I’m here on this mountain

And it’s overshadowed by this weight

Of anxiety and depression

So I deleted all my apps


I’m hoping if I just keep this

To write with

Maybe I can do some good

Or write really badly

Or really really regular

That’s a lot of R’s



It’s a hope

But I hope

We all

Find ourselves smiling

Slipping into a happiness

A peace of mind

Doing things that make us happy


Having sex in the kitchen

Cooking together

Writing letters to eachother from across the room

Describing what you look like while you’re doing some odd thing you have to do or enjoy doing and how much love there is here…

I hope we find ourselves and reconnect to us


Our faith

Our human condition

This brevity of life

I hope

If we have lost

I hope we find solitude and quiet and we may find peace to heal and grieve

And to remember those and that which we have lost

I hope we all win

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