These are the great places,
Where you can find solitude
Not just alliteration of words correspondence of sound between one thing or the endings of another
A connection of the heart and the soul
Of heaven and earth
Reminded of our brevity and our long reach for eternity…

The wind comes down and cleans us from everything that weighs us down…

This is just one season
Hid away
From everyone
Hoping for something that lasts
Longer than …
Whatever this is…
Has been…

Curious of communication
Of legacy

How shall we escape
If we hold grudges
If we do not hold fast
To the vision
We all are created equal
Pride in our past in what we have accomplished in where we are going…
Those who have risen to high places
Do not hear us …they cannot hear us from the mountain top..they hold the vision
But us here in this bitter earth…
Our daughters hear us
Our children hear us
Our wives hear us
How shall we escape
If we do not hold the vision ourselves ?

I hide away in the great places ….

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