Time Levels

I’m at a place in my life
Where I’m tired of excuses
Everyone has them
I’m tired of looking for someone else to blame
That ties and binds
I want freedom
And that comes from the liberation
Of accepting responsibility
Rather than surrendering that to something else
If I want to change I have to change
I have to face myself
I’m for
Whatever gets you through
as long as it doesn’t hurt someone
And as long as we understand
We can’t ask people or expect people to be like us
It’s a very solitary road
But I don’t mind
Just being alive is exciting
You can live passionately
And impact lives
For the better
Without asking them to change
And be like you
Give a hand
To help eachother UP
Help eachother level up
Believe in one another
And your community
There’s room for all of us
Let there be love

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